Mapping your strategic exit: Sustainability's role in your IPO journey

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Discover the critical sustainability actions that will maximize your company's valuation and prepare you for investor scrutiny.

Wednesday, July 10
10am PT/1pm ET

Christine Uri

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As you prepare for IPO, it's important to weigh the growing importance of sustainability to investors, especially as more than half say they plan to increase sustainable investments this year. In fact, a majority of Chief Investment Officers are prepared to pay a premium for companies that demonstrate a clear link between ESG and financial performance.¹

Join Christine Uri, Founder of ESG for In-house Counsel and a Top 100 Voice in Sustainability, and Corinne Hanson, VP of Sustainability at Greenplaces, for insights on how sustainability should factor into your overall plans to position your company for a successful exit.

You'll learn

  • How investors factor sustainability into company evaluations
  • The most impactful sustainability actions to take before your IPO or exit
  • Strategies for sharing your ESG performance during due diligence

Whether you're a founder, executive, or in-house counsel, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and tools to leverage sustainability as a value driver in your IPO journey.

[1] Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing, 2024

Get to know our speakers

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Christine Uri

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A former Chief Legal Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer, Christine brings a wealth of experience in moving ESG to the top of the agenda and is passionate about empowering in-house legal teams to provide ESG leadership.

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Corinne Hanson
VP of Sustainability

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Previously at SH Hotels & Resorts and the Global Footprint Network, Corinne joined Greenplaces following a decade-long career in corporate sustainability.